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Altar Servers:

Servers assist the priest on the altar during the celebration of the Mass. Training and practice sessions are scheduled throughout the year and times are announced in advance. Servers are scheduled approximately twice per month. Boys and girls must be in the fourth grade or higher to serve. They must have a desire to serve God by being an example of reverent worship, assisting the priest, and participating in the Mass by listening, praying, singing, and responding. They must be able to follow directions consistently and reverently and be flexible enough to carry out spontaneous directions from the priest or deacon.

Martha Collins,

Church Decorating:

The mission of this ministry is to prepare the church for the liturgical celebrations by creating an environment to enhance prayer and reflection. This includes decorating the church, day chapel, Eucharistic chapel and narthex for different liturgical seasons.  This group takes care of the plants and coordinates special projects.

Committee members meet twice a year, before Christmas and Easter, to discuss decorating schemes and to assign tasks and responsibilities. Special attention and planning are given to the major seasons of Lent/Easter and Advent/Christmas.

Barbara Baker, 512-426-8045 -

Church Housekeeping:

This group of dedicated parishioners provides the necessary routine maintenance needed at the church. There are 2 crews that meet on a rotating basis to vacuum, straighten missals, clean the Holy Water fonts, dust, clean windows and maintain the Eucharistic and Our Lady of Guadalupe Chapels.

A coordinator is needed for this ministry, please call Adrian DeLaCruz if you would like to serve, 512-259-3126.

Extraordinary Ministry:

An Extraordinary Minister is a person chosen to help the Priest distribute the body and blood of Jesus Christ at Holy Mass to all those who come forward to receive this Blessed Sacrament. An Extraordinary Minister should be a person who believes in the true presence of Jesus Christ in the bread and wine and who has a clear love of the Mass and devotion to the Blessed Sacrament.

Sarah Sheldon, 512-657-1613 -

Ludy Cadena (Español) 512-260-9661-

Extraordinary Ministers also visit those who are sick or home bound. Our parishioners who are ill are deprived of their rightful and accustomed place in the Eucharistic celebration. In serving them, a minister of communion represents Christ, and reflects faith and charity on behalf of our entire parish community toward those who cannot be present at the Eucharist. For the sick, receiving communion is a privilege, and serving them is a sign of support and concern by our community for our members who cannot join us in our weekly celebration. Please consider joining us in reaching out.

Gigi Bost (For sick & home bound) 661-296-9829 -

Silvia Cleaveland (Español) 512-259-5656 -

Grounds Maintenance:

This group provides the manual dexterity to perform minor repairs and necessary physical plant maintenance not included in facilities contract service. The scope of this work is broad in nature and similar to routine home and yard maintenance. Examples of the type of work performed by this group include: planting and caring for shrubs, trees and flowers as well as making minor repairs to electrical, plumbing, and sprinkler systems.

Adrian DeLaCruz, 512-259-3126


The Lector proclaims the word of God during Mass in the Liturgy of the Word. Two Lectors are scheduled for each Mass and usually read once every five weeks. The Lectors read the first and second readings and, when the Deacon is not present, the Prayers of the Faithful. Training is provided as needed. Consider sharing your talents by proclaiming God’s Word!

Christy Knight, 512-217-4040 -

Alejandra Worthington (Español) 713-305-3611-

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Music Ministry:

This is an opportunity to share your love for music in the liturgy. Our mission is to enhance the celebration of all of the rites of the church; to support and encourage congregational singing; and to enjoy the fellowship of one another. Besides preparing for each weekend Mass, we participate in other celebrations such as First Holy Communion, Confirmation and major Liturgical masses (Christmas and Easter). This means a commitment of time and a little talent as we gather weekly for practice. Some of us read music, and some of us don't. Some play an instrument; and for some, our only instrument is our voice. There are no auditions. We only ask that you be willing to make a commitment to practice and share your time and talents with your church family. We laugh together, pray together, cry together, and through it all, always sing together. Won’t you join us and be a part of this “noteworthy” ministry?

Kevin Green - 512-944-4944 (5:00 Vigil Mass)

Dave and Therese Randall - 512-259-8953 (8:30 Sunday Mass)

Carlos Gonzalez - 512-528-8624 (10:30 Sunday Mass)

Dulce and Alfredo Corral - 512-775-8215 (12:30 Sunday Spanish Mass)

Ninfa Flores - 512-619-1940 (1st Sunday of the month 12:30 Spanish Mass)

Melanie Owens - 512- 259-3126 ext. 110 or JuanJose Armenta-Aguirre - 832- 353-7798 (5:00 Sunday Mass)

Technology Ministry:

The Technology Ministry supports the church in its growing requirement for the use of technology to support the parish. This Ministry focuses on technology systems such as:

Public Address
Computer network and

Members of this ministry who have backgrounds and experience (to include hardware /software) in the areas mentioned above meet on a regular basis. Members discuss, review and plan ways to support and improve on the systems that support the church on the whole. If you have a background in any of these technology areas and would like to help, this is a ministry for you.

Lawrence Huntley, 512-259-0147 -

Usher Ministry:

This ministry is an important part of being active in the Church. The usher serves the congregation during Mass. Some of the duties of the usher are: taking the collection during the Offertory, seating people in the Church, guiding people during Communion, monitoring the lighting during the services, handling individual situations, and distribution of church bulletins after Mass. This is a rewarding ministry for men and women to serve the Church and God’s people!

Jason Ferguson, 512-843-4473 -

Angel Villa (Español) 512-249-7010 -

Youth Group:

The goal of our ministry is to empower young people to live as disciples of Jesus Christ in our world today. We foster young people to responsible participation in the life, mission, and work of the Catholic faith community while achieving total personal and spiritual growth of each young person.

Our Youth Ministry program is for high school youth (grades 9-12) and middle school youth (grades 6-8). This ministry needs EIM certified catechists and adults (22 and older) who can help chaperone or with driving duties.

The students meet weekly for faith, food and fun. Also, we go on trips, retreats and we do missionary work. We also assist with the liturgy and plan fundraising activities to support our parish.

You can also contact the youth ministry leaders at: 

The Youth Ministry web site is under construction. Check back soon.

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