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As a parish we’ve been blessed with many gifts of love in the lives of our people as they come to this place we call home.  It is here we baptize our children, worship our God, renew and strengthen our faith and receive Holy Communion.  We exchange marriage vows, and in the end we say our last farewells to those we love as we celebrate their journey to God.  

St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church is a place that is home to all of us who gather here in faith.  This is a community of love that embraces our very souls in God’s peace.

The decision to enter into this campaign has come after careful prayer, consultation, and study. Our goal is to raise $3.9 million. In order to expand we must all consider making some sacrifice in order to give generously and encourage others to do likewise.  Not every person or family can pledge the same amount because resources and obligations vary, but we can all make some sacrifice. Every pledge amount is welcome and will make a huge difference.  

St. Margaret Mary Parish offers many opportunities for spiritual growth, friendship and service.  Please pray and reflect on the gifts and talent that God has bestowed upon you, and consider stepping forward to share this blessing with others.

Watch this brief video to learn about some of the history of our parish as well as learn about some of the current needs of our parish.



Pledge – Every family in the parish is enouraged to participate! The amount you decide to pledge is an amount that you and your family will determine. Download the pledge form here and join us on this important journey. This campaign can only be successful if we can count on each and every member of this family of faith. Every sacrifice that is made will make a tremendous difference to help meet our financial goal!

Stocks or Investments – For more detailed information about the capital campaign or to make a donation in the form of stocks or investments, please contact Cindy Perez at 259-3126.


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